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campus look

If you are about to enter a college or you are already in one, you must be in need of some fashion tips.

Colleges are assumed to be pretty chilled out places but that gives you no reason to go the way of popped collars, cargo pants and roofies. You just need to look younger while still seeming mature. A good look would help you to feel good and confident and that, in turn, has some pretty great effects of its own. Here we are to rescue you. Just follow these ten tips:

1. Avoid baggy or skinny jeans:

Don’t wear anything too baggy. Avoid that persistent voice in your head that insists college means preppy. And skinny jeans are a big no-no, let them be for girls, you don’t need to flaunt your slim legs. A jeans selection is vital; it’s all about colour and fit here.

2. Shoes:

First of all, have a look at the shoes you plan to wear. If they are dirty or are running shoes or just slippers then kindly get rid of them. High top sneakers are perfect alternative to leather flip flops. And try keeping the colours standard: black, brown or grey that goes with everything. Avoid getting neon and bright colors.

3. Fitting:

Know your body type and select things accordingly. Going a size or two larger is acceptable but please avoid getting a size too big or too smaller. If clothes are not your fit they may seem borrowed and it is the last thing you want people to think about you.

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